• more spumante bottles in our ancient medieval cellars
  • grapes being picked for the 2014 harvest
  • our wine being aged in oak barrels
  • spumante bottles in racks in our ancient medieval cellars

from vineyard to cellar

Diverse varieties of grapes are grown in our vineyards – a rich palette of aromas and sensations that furnishes the material with which to create wines of great personality:

Procanico which, with its sparse bunches, is very resistant to rot: a reddish-gold in colour, it produces a limited yield but has great character; Verdello, with compact bunches, dark green in colour, perfect acidity and delicate, elegant aromas; Grechetto, our favourite variety, of which three quite different clones have been selected, with rich aromas - heady and lingering - and a full persistent body; Drupeggio or Rupeccio, which has a flowery aroma and a velvet-smooth body; Chardonnay, the base for our méthode traditionnelle Spumante; and Merlot, Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, Syrah and Pinot Noir - red varieties for which the Mottura estate frequently offers the perfect conditions.

grechetto grapes on the vine
pinot nero grapes on the vine

Our grapes are grown and harvested using traditional techniques respectful of the environment: we use only natural fertilizers and no chemical pesticides, and the grapes are picked entirely by hand. All of the vinification takes place on our estate using the most up-to-date technology and, once again, no chemical additives.

During fermentation the temperature is kept at a constant 18°c - 20°c in order to conserve and encourage the development of the natural flavours of the must. The wine is then left to rest on its lees for several months, the winter climate aiding the natural process of clarification. In spring, when the wines have already begun to respond to the change of season, the careful process of selecting and blending begins.

This is the moment in which the winemaker’s creativity and personal taste come to the fore, and the individual base wines, with their distinctive characters, are combined to create Poggio della Costa, Tragugnano, Orvieto and Muffo, our Spumante Metodo Classico, Magone, Civitella Rosso, Latour a Civitella, Nenfro and Syracide, all of which are bottled on the estate and laid down to age in the cool underground caves carved out of the tufa rock on which the village of Civitella d’Agliano stands.